6 Tidiness and Litter Control 

Not only is this section about not seeing litter strewn on the ground, it's about having well-presented homes, shop fronts, and businesses. The absence of anything that doesn't add to the best presentation of the neighbourhood.

Competition Guide Notes:

TIDINESS: General lack of clutter, blocked footpaths, redundant poles, unsightly overhead electric cables, absence of graffiti and fly-posting and evidence of control of weed growth at kerbs. Absence of unsightly and or inappropriate advertising, such as that on gables of buildings and mass produced advertising banners in shop fronts. Please note that although general tidiness is evaluated and marked in this category, tidiness is also considered under other categories including the Streetscape & Public Places, Approach Roads, Streets & Lanes.

LITTER: The adjudicator will assess the absence of litter and dumping, evidence of litter control strategy, including regular litter patrols, segregation of collected litter during clean-ups and promotion of anti-litter awareness throughout community. 

2022-23 Summary

(M) Bridge Clean

Great to see teamwork in action again and making a positive difference in the community. Many thanks to John Rochfort Property Maintenance for giving up his morning to clean the St Martha's Bridge railings. We don't appreciate how dirty it gets until you see it shine after the pressure washing. Thank you also to Navan RFC for providing the water.

St Martha's Bridge, March 25th

(N) Stop Dumping

In December Meath County Council inquired as to the origin of significant hedge and grass clippings dumped on the side of Metges Road opposite The Priory estate. It was identified as being household waste illegally dumped. 

During works to clear the drainage channels the waste was removed and 2 'No Dumping' signs were erected.

Metges Rd, January 13th

(N) Long Verge Cut

An unplanned, yet very welcomed, development during the summer months was the 'Let it Grow' verge on Bothar Sion at the Bailis Downs estate. 

Today it was cut and cleared having been let grow since May. This protected the wildflower strip and helped trap litter that would otherwise be blown across the estate lawn. 

September 1st

(N) Riverside Cleaned

Organised by our local Wild About Navan, April 1st, we participated with 50 others to clean dozens of litter bags in the 1st Big Boyne Clean Up at the Ramparts, Navan. In a future visit we aim to include our local Athlumney Riverside.

The Ramparts, Navan, April 1st

(N) 'Don't Mow Yet'

In 2022 Meath County Council allowed certain verges and roundabouts to grow the grass longer than usual to allow wildflowers to appear and to provide a better habitat for biodiversity. In March we met to discuss and endorse that 2km of Metges Road be included. A flurry of dandelions resulted within weeks and we helped improve the presentation by clearing the cycle path unwanted weeds and edged some of the verges.

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MCC Street Signage, April 11th

(M) Late First Lawn Cut

Delaying the first lawn cut of the year isn't easy when Easter keeps moving around and when many decide to revisit their gardens and children want to play outside. Several estate lawns did however benefit and the display of dandelions turned Johnstown yellow.

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Metges Rd, April 15th

(M) Green Km: Stop Weedkiller Use

We can't support biodiversity and actively be seen to kill it at the same time.

As part of our green km MCC initiative, we are maintaining 4km of public main roads without weedkillers. We were unsuccessful in seeking the Community Capital Grant for the Foamstream treatment and resorted to Plan C with help from Meath County Council. 

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August 24th

Graffiti Removal

Removal of Graffiti and Litter today, both are blights on our environment and completely avoidable.

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Painting work, August 24th

Steps Clean Up

Our appeal for volunteers earlier in the week resulted in the Spireview Steps getting a thorough clean from litter.

Now we need a regular clean-up to maintain this litter hotspot.

Spireview Clean Up Blitz, June 25th

Kerb Appeal

The roadside edge at Spireview Parade gets a thorough cleaning of weeds to improve the presentation of the summer meadow site.

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Edge and verge maintenance, June 22nd

What's Going On?

A Navan-wide spate of graffitti had us tormented. Over a dozen sites along Bothar Sion had graffiti removed by volunteers and this is after removing several instances only days earlier.

Spate of graffiti removed, June 21st

A lawn without an owner?

A few minutes spent by a volunteer with a lawnmower has quickly improved the presentation of the Metges Road bus stop outside the vacant property. 

Metges Road Shopping Centre Bus stop, June 10th

Clear The Clutter

As part of our MCC Green Km initiative we made a request to remove the two 'out of date' and very large National Development Plan signs at the Bothar Sion bus stop.

Signs no longer required? June 7th

Weed Killer Free

As part of our MCC Green Km initiative and in a bid to persued the IDA not to use weed killer on the Bothar Sion fence line we neatly trimmed along its length.

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Bothar Sion IDA Fence, June 7th

Request to replace signs

We made requests to MCC to replace 2 street signs on Bothar Sion and to correct one direction sign that has been wrong for over a decade on south Metges Road.

June 3rd
Sign cleaned by MCC, June 10th