5 Sustainability – Doing more with less 

Being able to repeat a wortwhile activity is important but it's essential not to do something now that limits future generations from having the same opportunities.

The competition asks us to demonstrate how we are reducing our negative impact on the environment.

Competition Guide Notes:

Describe how your activities help to make your centre more sustainable and reduce your environmental impact. For example, consider how you use your resources (e.g. methods or materials you use), in your project work under one or more of the following key themes: sustainability, water, transport, waste, energy, and climate action. Describe awareness raising activities carried out across your community and detail any involvement with other Community Groups in this category. 

2023-24 Summary

(N) 'Re-turn' Starts Map Ref 37

The money-back scheme came into effect today and we expect to see a dramatic reduction in the litter on our streets!

A refundable fee of 15 or 25 cents has been added to the normal price of plastic drink bottles and aluminum cans stamped with the 'Re-turn' logo. 

Supervalu (Johnstown) is our nearest store with a reverse vending machines

February 1st

(M) Autumn Mowing

We still took to traditional scythes to clear the summer meadows since cutting with a lawnmower would burn out the machine, strimmers get tangled too easily, and make too much mess. 

The traditional scythe is however very effective and with a little practice it's fairly quick and reasonably simple to use.

September 13th

(M) Plastic Waste Avoided?

Local Councillor Elections are expected June 7th and in 2019 and 2020 we successfully prevented the streetscape being littered with political plastic posters. 

We have asked all potential candidates not to erect street posters along Johnstown's Green Km. This looks like a challenging year with dozens of posters erected on the night of May 7th despite our request. 

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May 7th

Do Less

Do your bit for the environment by DOING LESS in your gardens especially when it comes to mowing the lawn. We're promoting 'doing less is better' for biodiversity, water conservation, pesticide and herbicide reduction.

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May 4th

Cycle Hire Map Ref 35

Spun Cycles and Run offer specialist bike hire which is great news if you've not got enough space at home to store a family collection of bikes.

Spun Cycle Hire, August 13th

Bicycle Hire

From Navan Cycling Initiative

Shared Bike Scheme Launches in Navan – From today you’ll be able to get around Navan even more easily, with a Tier Mobility shared bike! Fifty bikes are available all around Navan – including 25 e-Bikes #NavanCycling #ActiveTravel

Read more on their website: http://navancycling.ie/shared-bike-scheme-launches-in-navan/

August 1st

Cycle Path Extension

We're expecting progress to be made to enhance the Dublin Road and allow it to connect Johnstown with Navan via suitable paths as part of the Navan Cycle Scheme - Part 8 Notice (Ref P822011).

Academy street already has the beginnings of infrastructure but the main road is still without.

The Johnstown Bus stops all gained bicycle racks to promote all cycling.

Impression of Dublin Road Cycle Path, September 6th

Students Re-Use

From Coláiste Na Mí

Huge shoutout to our amazing school community for rallying behind our recent thrift shop event! Thanks to your generous support, we were able to make it a huge success.  All proceeds are going to SVP, making a real difference in the lives of those in need. 

A special round of applause to the incredible students of LCA 2 for their dedication and hard work! From organising to sorting, bagging, folding, and even building rails, your efforts were truly outstanding.  We not only made great memories but also had a blast doing it together. Let's keep spreading kindness and making a positive impact in our community! 

May 7th

(M) Stop Weedkiller Use

In 2022 we were unsuccessful in obtaining a grant to purchase and operate the Foamstream System but the Council offered assistance collecting the weed debris using their road sweeper. This significantly increased the efficiency and reduced the manhours required to clear 4km of road and 10km of edging during 2023. 

Now in 2024 the Council has offered to maintain the edging along the Green Km stretch using a new brush system that could mean fewer action days manually removing the weeds.

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Students and Council, December 12th

(M) Watering Between Showers Map Ref 1

Even though it's been an extremely wet few weeks the flower boxes on St Martha's Bridge still need watering.  Together with the Sunflower Trail flowers we use rainwater collected in water butt's at volunteers homes around Johnstown.

Our planter containers with water reservoirs reduce water loss and frequency of replenishing.
August 4th