Welcome To Our Sunflower Trail

With these iconic flowers we hope to brighten our neighbourhood with splashes of vivid colour whilst also treating pollinators to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Later in the year they'll also be producing seeds to allow the wild birds to join the dining out experience.

2023 Displays

 Smartphone users can enlarge the map using two fingers to zoom in and out.

Our volunteers have created an 8.5km trail with hundreds of Sunflowers for you to discover at 16 locations. These will be in bloom from late summer through into early Autumn and you can find out more about this year's project here.

We're keen to discover what bees our displays attract and we'd like you to send us photos of any that you see collecting pollen.

Treasure hunt for our younger members.

'Thank You' to everyone involved.

Staff and students of Ard Ri CNS, St Stephen's NS, CnaMi, and St Mary's Special School germinated our seeds with materials supplied from The Grow Shop. These were later planted out and tended to by volunteer teams of local residents and businesses.

Our Sponsor

A special thank you to The Grow Shop who supported this project by growing our delicate hanging basket sunflowers and providing compost, fertiliser, and pots to our community.

You can check them out here:

More Projects

This initiative is one of many Actions for Pollinators that we are hosting and perhaps you'll consider joining in and helping us.