Metges Road 'Avenue'

Initiated 2019

Metges Road forms the central spine through Johnstown which now has considerable traffic noise and visual pollution.

The northern section is open lawns whilst the Southern section was once an avenue of protective trees and hedges but since 2006 it is dramatically changing to become the 'typical housing developement' open road.

Our project aims to plant new trees to line the northern section and refill areas to the south. 

By planting native trees we aim to return some of the feeling of a tree-lined avenue and also provide screening to estates from the increasing road traffic.

RED - trees and hedges removedPINK - tree removal plannedBLUE - new planting

2023 Actions

This year we have added 3 trees to the avenue but the emphasis is to encourage growth and awareness of our existing planting.

14 out of 70 bamboo support canes were taken and were replaced in February. These are not strictly needed for support but they do highlight the tree saplings and prevent damage especially by grass cutting contractors.

2022 Actions

The Meath County Council donation of 50 native saplings in Dec 2021 allowed us to make a noticeable start to our plans.

Trees provided included:

Volunteer collecting tree saplings from Meath County Council


As a major road artery the traffic is very congested during peak time rush hour. 2km tailbacks are the new norm but as the Fargonstown Development, with up to 1600 new homes, proceeds to the north of Johnstown, and the Johnstown School Campus expands to the east, this road will get significantly busier in years to come.

Cluaine Na Boinne Estate (2022)

5 native tree saplings provided by Meath County Council were planted in Jan 2022 to plug the gap between the bus stop and the refuse compound. More trees will be needed and these will grow to provide screening to the resident's exposed back gardens.

Elm and Chestnut Estates (2022)

30 native trees provided by Meath County Council were planted along the main road in Feb 2022.

Although the bamboo poles are not essential for these trees the brisk SW winds can be quite severe in the exposed position and it also highlights to the grass contractor to watch out for them!

Bailis Downs (2019 & 2022)

17 Horse Chestnut trees were planted by residents in 2019 to line the estate along the road.

2019 Horse Chestnut trees grown from conkers.
2019 planting area on the Bailis Green along Metges Road.

Many of the locally grown 'conkers' did not survive the first year after an unusually hot summer and brisk SW winds. 

In Feb 2022 several trees supplied by MCC were planted to fill in the gaps and to complement those planted across the road at Elm Estate.


Until it was developed, Metges Road once hosted an avenue of hedgerows along both sides.


Development of the Cois Glaisin Estate (2009 to 2018) removed a 400m section to the east.

The introduction of the cycle lane alongside The Boyne Estate (2019) removed a further 150m.

Creation of a bus stop (2020) removed 6 mature trees.

Apartments Plans (Ongoing since 2017)

The natural feel to this approach road has been destroyed and the Community is fighting back to retain what little is left. Several planning applications have proposed the removal of 100's of natural trees along a 300m stretch to make way for major development. 

When added to all the issues related to the over development of Johnstown this has been met with anger from the community.

Public Protests in July and August 2019

The Boyne Estate (2020, 22 & 23)

7 native tree saplings provided by Meath County Council were planted in early 2022.

1 cherry and 2 ash tree saplings donated by residents in 2022 from their gardens were planted in mid-Feb 2023 to continue the tree line.

The timing of the 3 tree donations in 2020, from residents changing their gardens in summer, meant there was a 50/50 chance that the trees would take hold.

Update 2022 - 2 of the trees did not survive the summers and will be replaced.

Sustainable Development Goals

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