Bailis Downs Wall

Initiated 2021

Residents cleared the disheveled bushes along the west side of the main green's south-facing wall in Summer 2021. The shrubs had become overgrown and had attracted litter and excessive fly-tipping of grass cuttings. The areas on either side of the central electrical box had become a shelter for antisocial summer gatherings where the adjoining homes frequently found waste thrown over their wall and noise from the youths who thought they were hidden and not being overheard.

Rather than level the ground and sow more grass seeds we proposed adding some pollinator-friendly defensive planting to deter gatherings and to further enhance the area with either a natural summer meadow or sown wildflowers.

1st Proposal

2nd Proposal scaled down.

The first 'large scale meadow' proposal with additional large trees received some critical comments from residents fearing loss of nearby play space and therefore a second 'smaller' scale design was put forward.


In Autumn 2021, tree leaves were collected from the main road and used as a mulch whilst a more detailed design idea was formed. 


In early January 2022 five holly trees obtained from Meath County Council were planted along the wall with the aim of forming a defensive barrier. 

Our proposal is to host a six-week meadow to see if lawn wildflowers can be encouraged and include the space around the nearby Bailis Downs Urban Orchard to add to their protection. If residents dislike the option then Native Irish Wildflowers may be sown in Autumn 2022.

Thorny shrubs such as hawthorn, rasberry, or more holly, is being sourced by local residents to plant on either side of the electrical box to deter gatherings.


We will include this area in our Biodiversity Plan 2023 and await feedback before proceeding with any actions.

Update July 10th, 2023

The area continued to be sprayed with weedkiller and a local resident employed a contractor to clear away the wildflowers, remaining wall shrubs, holy trees, and leveled the ground. It is believed that their intention is to sow a grass-seed lawn.

Although the fruit trees remain we suspect that this now brings an end to any plans for a 'wild' native biodiversity area.

Sustainable Development Goals

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