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If you can make time weekly, monthly, or even at random ad-hoc moments, then we encourage you to get involved by reaching out to us.


Gain an insight into what you could be helping us with this year in our Upcoming Activities, and take a look at our News section to see what we've been doing lately. Contact us today and you'll receive a warm friendly welcome, and you can take on as much or as little as you choose.

If you want to help plan our activities then take a look at The Competition section and view our Projects to help develop and push initiatives forward within each.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our group and if you have the enthusiasm to make a difference then there's a role waiting for you. You'll have seen us around the neighbourhood and we'd like you to join us in making a positive contribution to Johnstown.

Read a little more about our group.

Where Is Johnstown?

We formed our group in late 2016 to resolve some local litter issues. At the time Navan Tidy Towns wasn't entering the competition and the group decided that we should focus on local issues.

'Johnstown' is part of Navan town, in the centre of County Meath
'Johnstown' lies to the South East of Navan.

Nearly 1/4 of Navan's population resides in the Johnstown neighbourhood: +10,000 people in over 3,000 homes.

Our area overlaps the townlands of Athlumney, Bailis, Johnstown, Kilcarn, and Alexander Reid. 'Johnstown' was chosen because the townland happens to be in the centre of our map, it appears on road signs, and both the Shopping Centre and Old Village take its name.

We include the spaces and estates accessed from the main roads of Metges Road, Bothar Sion, School Approach Road, and the L5050 ' Back Road'. However, since our community lives without boundaries, and we are also part of Navan and County Meath, we frequently reach over this imaginary boundary line.

Our Core Committee


Alan Lawes

Deputy: Dave Hewitt


Peter Heylin

Pauline Sherry


Robin Marshall

Deputy: Adam Forde

Committee Members

Connie McDonnell

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