Clothing Appeal

Recycling and reuse are part of our group's ethos and we continue to collect clothing. Between 2018 and 2021 we liaised with the Inner City Helping Homeless charity, until their closure Nov 2021. Since February 2022 we donate to the Sleep Out Cavan charity which sells the items for €5 each to fund supporting the homeless and disadvantaged families.

Our Highlights


The Ardboyne Hotel collected 17 bags of abandoned clothing, April 2022 to donate to Sleep Out Cavan.


The Johnstown Ukraine Appeal in March requested clothing and the community responded.

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We documented what happens with donated clothes from the Johnstown Community to the ICHH warehouse.


The abandoned clothing collected by the Newgrange Hotel in 2020, together with donations from their staff, filled our trailer!


We documented the clothing and supplies donated by the Johnstown Community being taken to ICHH and onto the streets of Dublin,

What to do with old clothes.

As the seasons change, and children grow up, we tend to have regular clearouts of our wardrobes. PLEASE DON'T put any in the general waste bin since they could have a second life and we highlight some options for pre -oved clothes.


If the clothes are fit for sale especially 'designer' or specialist types then sell them online but offering clothing in the right season is more profitable, especially clothing bought for religious events such as Holy Communion and Confirmations.

Family First

If they are in good condition then look to pass on to family, friends and neighbours.


If they could be resold to benefit a charity then Navan has several worthy causes. We list some here:

NCBI Charity Shop Navan

Enable Ireland Charity Shop

Vincent's Brews Hill


Vincent's Navan

Donate to the Homeless

Without either the means to buy or to wash clothing donations are essential and much appreciated so contact Cllr Alan Lawes.

People In Crisis

The Meath Womens Aid Refuge & Support Services sometimes have clients arrive without anything.

Clothes Banks

Spread around the neighbourhood they raise funds for the charities named on the front BUT CHECK if the clothing goes directly to them for processing or if they receive a fee in exchange for using their name.

Fake Businesses via Door-2-Doors Flyer

A continuos spate of junk mail flyers across the neighbourhood are trying their hardest to pull at your heartstrings. Unfortunately their holier-than-thou messages are highly likely to be 'Bogus'.

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