Johnstown People’s Park South Corner.

Initiated 2021

Outside the park’s south corner of Metges Road the walled road entry has been sprayed with weedkiller for decades. To illustrate a ‘quick win’ for pollinators it was sown with Native Irish Wildflower Seeds to hopefully create a vibrant visual display. 

Surplus clay soil was donated from a nearby neighbour since the ground was in such a poor compacted state. Residents from Boyne & Millbrook Estate assisted us to dig a bedding area.

Surplus seeds were used from the Bothar Sion fence line project but it is hoped that pollinator-friendly plants can expand future display when funds allow.

April 2021
April 2021
July 2021
July 2021
August 2021
August 2021

Water Conservation

Wildflowers require very little watering but sunflowers do. Water funnels made from drinks bottles were planted alongside each and filled with harvested rainwater from a nearby house.

Funnels aid efficient watering,

Nearby rainwater butt.

Volunteers carried out seed harvesting in late summer and early autumn 2021, largely collecting poppies and cornflowers seeds. Some were retained for reseeding and some were given to volunteers to use in their gardens. 


It was decided not to cut back the stems in autumn since they offered habitats to overwintering insects. Therefore weeding out grass took place in mid Spring 2022 to ensure space for the new wildflowers. The lawn edge was neatly mowed and edged and the spent flower stems were then shaken to release any final seeds before being cleared for composting.

Sections had become swamped with grass.
Some wildflowers emerging
Neat edge cut

After reviewing the article advocating not to sow wildflower seeds in favour of natural local wildflowers we have ceased future plans to use any seed packets. 

Plan for 2023

Invasive grasses will be removed and the bedding edge recut to help define the boundary. We will ensure that the lawn is cut a defined to prevent accidental incursion into the wildflower bed.

Sustainable Development Goals

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