Our Goals

Each Summer the competition judges arrive unannounced to secretly award points for our entry submission. 

For each of the 8 scoring categories our members devised a multi-year action plan for 2019 to 22/23. This will be up for review in 2022, and in time for the 2023 competition entry, and we will be calling for interested members to participate.











Multi-Year Plan 


We will be hosting a meeting in 2023 to formulate our next 3 to 5-year plan.

1, We Don't Work In Isolation. 

Connections need to be forged and maintained between our volunteers and the local community, businesses, schools, groups, and support organisations. The aim is to leverage each other's abilities and achieve common goals.

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2, First Impressions Count.

Do visitors to our area obtain a good impression? Every structure and public space needs presenting, upkeep, and enhancement to ensure that Johnstown is a place to visit.

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3, All Year Attraction

'Planting and Maintenance' require research, planning, and regular upkeep throughout the seasons to enhance our spaces.

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4, A Healthy Town

Doing our best to enhance and support our community includes looking after our wildlife, flora, and fauna.

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5, Mindful of Our Impact

Being able to repeat an activity is important but it's essential not to do something now that limits future generations from having the same opportunities.

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6, Neat & Tidy

This is not just about litter strewn on the ground, it's about having well-presented streets, homes, shop fronts, and businesses. The absence of anything that doesn't add to the best presentation of the neighbourhood.

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7, Homes Matter

Our entry has a significant amount of housing and every house, open space, and street matters.

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8, Welcoming

Do we welcome visitors on arrival and do we encourage them to stay?

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Now There's More

The Global Sustainable Development Goals 

Ireland, together with every United Nations Member State, has adopted 17 Goals and has agreed to work towards achieving 169 targets by the year 2030. The competition asks us to identify how our work aligns with the SDG's.