Vacant Buildings


Johnstown currently has 4 locations with vacant buildings of which one is now within the Old Johnstown Village Community Group's Tidy Towns entry:

1) Former Petrol Station

2018 View from Kentstown Rd
May 2022, fence planting slowly obscuring the view

After a brief reopening as a petrol station in the early 2010's, it remained open for car washing but closed in 2015. Laying idle and being such a prominent sight to visitors to both Johnstown and Navan we had invested time trying to screen off the site. The difficult soil conditions and lack of water resulted in us maintaining a neat edge and leaving the area as a summer meadow.

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2) Former Athlumney Centre

May 2022, Demolishing works begin.
March 5th, 2023Photo Meath Photography
May 30th, 2023

2024 saw this building recreated as apartments after having been an eyesore for nearly a decade. All are now fully occupied and we await further information to reveal what 'Community Facilities' are included in the 'as built' completed building. 

The Spar shop closed in 2014, the 'Pit Stop' pub and the local butchers both closed in/around 2017. The car park quickly became a fly-tipping area until planning permission was approved in 2021 for the creation of 42 apartments in 2 blocks, with 2 'take away' commercial units, and one 'community space'.

The last tenant vacated the building in late March 2022, work commenced immediately to secure the site with steel fencing and demolition began in May 2022. Within one year the change has been significant, the derelict and rundown shopping centre has been replaced with new modern apartments to provide a more suitable first appearance to Johnstown visitors.

3) Metges Road Gym

2019, Completely vacant
April 2022 📷

Dormant for a decade the former Gym has been slowly occupied by 'FeelFit Gym' in 2019, 'Easy B&C' cafe in 2020 and 'Spun Cycles and Spun Run' in 2021. The vacant space was loaned to the Johnstown Ukraine Appeal in March 2022 before part was opened as a Surgery in April 2023. 

2024 Update

We will maintain a neat edge around the perimeter of the grass lawn outside the last vacant unit until it is occupied.

4) Old Johnstown Village Corner Shop

Formerly part of our area and now part of the Old Johnstown Community Group Tidy Towns Entry

Old Johnstown Makeover

March 23rd, 2023

Cllr. Emer Tóibín informs us that the Town Council Meeting has discussed a proposal for a makeover to Old Johnstown Village if URDF funding comes through.  The Council has bought 1.7 acres that includes the vacant and derelict old stone house opposite Mace and the corner site surrounding it.

The indicative plans show a public plaza area that will form the focal heart of Old Johnstown, a cycle lane, and redevelopment for mixed-use. Conceptual plans show 14 townhouses,8 apartments, and 5 commercial units.

Concerns about levels and speed of traffic have been an issue for some time and will be further addressed at a later date.

With no tenant for many years, the Old Johnstown Community Group has continued to maintain summer flower displays in window boxes and has done outstanding work to ensure that the building enhances the village's appearance.

In 2021 they painted and decorated the corner building winning the Meath Pride of Place 2021 Vacant Premises Award and Small Town Award.

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