Dog Day

Thank you to the JT Magazine for the review article.

On Sunday 24th June 2018, the Johnstown Tidy Towns group laid on an event for Dogs and their families in the Johnstown Peoples Park.

You came in large numbers to make the day a success and potentially one that could be repeated annually. The event brought together pets, their owners, and 5 local services to create the largest gathering of Dogs ever seen in Johnstown. The weather was fantastic, albeit very hot, and the information event was a great success.

Thank you to Smiths SuperValu for kindly donating doggy bags to help keep Johnstown clean.

Julie had the audience's attention from the very start and provided fascinating insights into how dog and people behavior and how our interactions might be seen from the dog's point of view.

Alan Nolan explained his role as Dog Warden is to protect people and dogs from other dogs and to ensure owners take their responsibilities seriously.

Advice given one to one included dog leashes, muzzles, legal obligations such as registration and microchipping.

April Quinn talked with owners about diets and healthier meal plans available from Pets and More. The free samples and entries into their prize draw was very popular.

Frank highlighted that the current hot weather bothers dogs as much as us. He advised waking your dogs in the early morning or late evening to avoid the worst of the sun and heat. Ensure their water bowl is cleaned regularly and filled with fresh water and not to leave it outside for birds or other animals to contaminate. It's a definite no to leaving your dog in the car which in only a few minutes becomes a hot oven.

They brought along some of their dogs and they got to meet some that the visitors had re-homed.

Some pictures of the dogs that got to meet new friends

Event Guests

Future Events

The JPP is a fine venue for such an event but as a private park with public access it comes with the issue of having no car parking at either the venue or nearby. The intention to repeat the event at the larger public access Blackwater Park, Navan, in 2020/21 was unfortunately canceled due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

We have no doubt that it will be repeated at a suitable time in the future.

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