School Campus Roundabout

Initiated 2019

Residential gardens start displaying colourful flowers from late winter but Johnstown's public spaces remain rather dull in comparison. Therefore in 2019 we embarked upon project to inject some early Spring colour and vibrance into Johnstown's public spaces.

Summer 2022

The Sunflower Trail took over the site from late June and the display lasted until late August.

Spring 2022

May 2022, awaiting the alliums.

Allium Planted

Students replanted these into the school roundabout in February and they flowered in June.

Allium Planters

To counter birds removing bulbs from the ground in Autumn we planted 18 alliums in containers

Planting Plan

School roundabout planting plan to host flowers from Spring through to Autumn. Daffodils and Tulips are not part of the pollinator plan but over time we aim to introduce more suitable planting.


TY Students of Colaiste Na Mi helped to celebrate 35 years by participating in the Autumn nationwide campaign BulbsForBees to plant pollinator-friendly bulbs to help safeguard the future of our vital bee population.


In October students planted Grape Hyacinth, Yellow Garlic, and Crocus Barr’s Purple in the School Roundabout.

Spring 2020

A ring of tulips and daffodils made a brief yet highly noticeable appearance during March and April. Unfortunately, many of the bulbs were removed by crows and frequently replanted by passing parents.

Autumn 2019

We engaged with residents to ask for suggestions for planting locations and the roundabout was proposed. To cover it would take 1000's of bulbs and so the central core was chosen as a trial.

Sustainable Development Goals

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