Spireview Lawn

Summer Meadow Initiated 2021

The Proposal

Letting a section of grass grow long on the steep bank at Spireview Lawn is intentional. Neatly cut around its perimeter the long grass patch has 3 aims:

Our long-term plan for the site might change depending on how it performs over the coming years.

2021 Review

In late September the grass was cut short and cleared of clippings ready for new growth in Spring. 

Natural wildflower areas are not instant successes and are unlikely to be in flower throughout the entire year. Over time we should start to see the grasses replaced my more and more wildflowers as they naturally reclaim the bank but we must ensure that unwanted weeds do not take advantage of the site. 

Meadow cut, kerb cleared, and lawn edged along the path.

Neat lawn edges achieved very quickly with mechanical aid.

2022 Review

August 21st

Slowly Does It

12 months resulted in slow grass growth due to the unusually hot and dry summer. The autumn grass that was cut using a scythe still produced a dozen full bags that was taken for composting by Meath County Council. Sourced from Ireland via connectingtonature.ie 110sqm was seeded with yellow rattle nature's lawnmower.

October 27th

Final Cut

The final section of our Johnstown summer meadows got cut back down to ground level. The grass cuttings will be allowed to compact before being removed for composting.

The Metges Road and Spireview Lawn sites will be seeded with 'nature's lawnmower' yellow rattle that adds both colour to next summer's display and will start reducing the grass.

November 3rd 

Meadow Grass

Many thanks to Meath County Council for agreeing to take our collected meadow grass to the recycling centre.

25 brown waste bins worth have now been composted from our meadows.

Plan for 2023

We will include this area in our Biodiversity Plan 2023 and await feedback before proceeding with any actions.

We're hoping to see signs of yellow rattle in summer and harvest any surplus seeds in autumn before repeating the cutting, clearing, and reseeding. 

2023 Review

Yellow Rattle Appears

Lovely to see that our autumn sowing of 'Nature's Lawnmower' is starting to flower in the summer meadow bank of Spireview Lawn.

'Yellow Rattle' is a semi-parasitic plant that attaches itself to the roots of grasses to reduce its vitality and make space for native wildflowers.

Yellow rattle flowers, May 18th

Yellow rattle flowers, May 18th


Further Information on summer meadows can be found here https://biodiversityireland.ie/practical-advice-on-managing-wildflower-meadows/ 

Sustainable Development Goals

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