Estate Marker Stones

Initiated 2022

The 4 estate entries with marker stones do not have any planting features and therefore we proposed some low-maintenance plants.

In late Spring we made an initial planting suggestion to each resident group and hope that each comes up with their own action plan. 

2022 Progress

To coordinate with the 2022 Johnstown Sunflower Trail volunteers started growing Rudbeckia Goldsturm's in pots in late Spring. The intention was to plant put in early summer but the heatwave and dry weather conditions made this impractical. Instead, the plants were kept by local residents with the aim of planting out when the weather cooled or the following Spring.

We acquired a native Irish clover seed mix and our own harvested wildflower seeds that we sowed in late Autumn to provide pollinator-friendly ground cover in Spring that should flower until Winter.

Plans for 2023

In early Spring the clover mix should have appeared together with native Irish wildflowers and the Rudbeckia Goldsturm's, previously held back in pots, can be planted and hopefully flower in July.

If the Johnstown Wood site looks good then we will continue to create the others.

Sustainable Development Goals

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