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December 15th

Community Provide Local Support

Thanks to all who helped make Christmas a little more special for 72 homeless families and their 125 children across Meath today.

Thanks to Core Ireland Athboy's People Who Share Care Group Malones Navan Smiths SuperValu Loreto Secondary School, St. Michael's, Navan Versatile Bathrooms & Tiles Meath County Council.  Fr Mc Verry HUB Sharon Lynch and the Meath Civil Defence.

December 15th

Gingerbread Maker

What made this year's Christmas a little bit more special for the 72 families and the 125 children in emergency accommodation, was that people like Ciara Carroll a staff member with @smiths_supervalu_navan went the extra mile and personally baked 700 gingerbread men to add to the many treats and goodies given to the children. 

December 15th

Santa in Johnstown today. 

More in the Meath Chronicle Facebook

December 12th

Volunteer Of The Year

Congratulations to our volunteer of the year 2023 Peter Heylin.

Peter has been a volunteer with JTT since our establishment in 2015. Because of Peter's consistent efforts as a volunteer over the years he has contributed greatly to the many awards won by the group in both the Pride of Place and Tidy Towns competitions.

Cllr Alan Lawes

Chairman of JTT 

December 12th

Student Volunteers

Today was a day of action for our Coláiste Na Mí Green School Committee and Coordinator Iníon Elliot!

Together, they took charge of cleaning up the road leading to our school. Our incredible students worked hard, scraping weeds to prevent harmful pesticides from being sprayed and protecting our water from contamination. Plus, they did a fantastic job clearing away litter, making our environment cleaner and healthier for everyone.

A huge shoutout to Alan A Lawes and Robin from Johnstown Tidy Towns, as well as Tuscany Pizzeria, for their incredible support. They treated us to a delicious well-deserved lunch after our efforts!

A massive thank you to everyone involved for making today both productive and enjoyable. Let's keep working together for a greener, cleaner future!

#coláistenamí #CNM2023 #cleanup #tidytowns #johnstown

December 12th

Warm Clothing Donation

A huge thank you to Janette and her fellow workers in @penneysnavan for donating a huge amount of warm winter clothing to the homeless.

Jackei and Paul of The Joshua Project on Kennedy Road in Navan who are serving Christmas Dinner to the homeless community, have agreed to hand out the clothing on Christmas Day.

December 11th

Wildflower Seeding

Thanks to Beechmount Garden Centre we were able to spread thousands of wild flower seeds in the following areas today.

Next April and May we hope to see Johnstown explode with colour when our wildflower seeds bloom in full.

December 7th

Shop Locally

This Christmas, let’s support our local businesses and shops in County Meath!

Meath has a wide range of shops and businesses that offer unique and high-quality products. By shopping locally, we can help our community thrive and keep our towns vibrant.

Make a difference this Christmas and choose to #ThinkMeathFirst!

December 7th

AGM 2023

2023 AGM 8pm Tuesday, Dec 12th upstairs at O'Briens Pub and Restaurant

We invite you to come and play an active role in Caring for our Community and Environment.

Any comments or points for inclusion in the formalities should be sent to JohnstownTidyTowns@Gmail.com

December 1st

Local Appeal

We supported a request by a young woman, who was homeless and now living in emergency accommodation, for clothing.

December 1st

Christmas Party

The Meath Chronicle provided a great write-up on our plans to host a party to spread some cheer to families and individuals spending Christmas homeless or in temporary accommodation.

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November 28th

Winter Lights Display

Volunteers adorned ten tree with lights along Metges Road. Illuminated by batteries they add a subtle sparkle to a dark stretch between 4pm and 10pm each evening.

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November 25th

Autumn Display

Our volunteers have been busy bringing colour back to St Martha's Bridge this weekend.

Thank you to Beechmount Garden Centre for creating our very first autumn flower basket display.

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November 17th

Have Your Say!

Meath County Council has published its Draft Climate Action Plan 2024 – 2029 and is accepting submissions from stakeholders and the general public until Thursday, 8th January 2024 at 5.00pm.

November 4th

Free Wildflower Seeds

A big thank you to Beechmount Garden Centre for donating these wildflower seeds to Johnstown Tidy Towns.

Whilst we advocate the use of local seeds sown in local public spaces we encourage residents to do their part in supporting biodiversity in their gardens,

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November 3rd

Summer Display Ends

A combination of weather and choice of plants has resulted in a flower display that has lasted considerably longer than in previous years.

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October 23rd

Reducing the use of Harmful Chemicals in Johnstown.

Johnstown Tidy Towns in partnership with Meath County Council Green Km Initiative we have prevented over 1000 litres of poisonous pesticides from being sprayed in Johnstown over the last 3 years.

You can play your part by getting involved with your local community group and Council in protecting the environment for us all.

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October 14th

Food Poverty

Thanks to our partners with Athboy's People Who Share Care Group for assembling these food hampers for delivery in Navan today. 

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October 12th

Pride Of Place Award

Our volunteers are praised and receive the Navan Municipal District Large Town Award 2023.

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September 13th

Cutting Back

The North Metges Road Summer meadow was cut down with the help of the grass contractor and volunteers finishing off with a scythe. 

After 'drying' for a few days the cuttings will be cleared and grass cut again to further lower it in preparation for yellow rattle seed sowing.

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September 1st

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August 20th
August 4th

Watering Between Showers

Even though it's been an extremely wet few weeks the flower boxes on St Martha's Bridge still need watering. 

Together with the Sunflower Trail flowers we use rainwater collected in water butt's at volunteers homes around Johnstown.

The bees, hoverflies, and butterflies seem to love the colourful flowers on the Bridge as much as we do.

August 1st

More Sites Planted

This year we're very short of volunteers who are available to both plant sunflowers and more importantly to regularly water them. We will make a final push to get as many in the ground before they flower in the next few weeks.

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July 28th

Judges Visit

This year we entered Johnstown into the Best Town category of the Navan Pride of Place Awards. Today was an opportunity to show the work to visiting judges that our volunteers have undertaken in the past 12mths.

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July 27th

Weeding Lap 2 Ends

Volunteers came to help complete the 2nd lap of Johnstown's 4km 'MCC Greem Km Initiative' where we cleared the roadside weeds without the use of chemicals.

Find out why we're doing this and why you should also play your part.

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July 27th

Grafitti Clean Up

It'll always return but we're doing our best to keep it at bay.

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July 26th

Anti Grass Seed

The yellow rattle wildflowers sown at Spireview Lawn summer meadow have seeded in their name sake rattle pods. Subject to some dry weather we'll be out to harvest these before cutting back the meadow.

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July 26th

100% Weed Killer Free

It's great to see that our involvement in Meath County Council's Green Km Initiative has removed 100% of the use of weedkillers along the entire 8km roadside perimeter of Bothar Sion of Metges Road. The final few hundred metres of the IDA fence line was strimmed by our volunteers instead of any chemical treatment.

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July 17th

Helping Neighbouring Groups

Volunteers donated their time and some of our sunflowers to help The Courtyard Flower Hill Residents Group and their Pride of Place Entry.

July 11th

Planting Begins

Delaying the planting by 2 weeks compared to previous years has allowed some of the sunflowers to shoot up.

You can follow our planting progress here and of course see the sites yourself.

July 8th

Weeding Lap 2 Begins

With 8km of pavements to weed it's a time-consuming task and one that we cannot win without more volunteers lending a helping hand. With the assistance of Meath County Council clearing up the debris 2 people are able to weed 2km of the route within 2hrs.

Find out why we're doing this and why you should also play your part.

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June 29th

Tesco Donation

Thanks to the Tesco Community Fund Sandra and all her fabulous staff and to Tesco Ireland Customers for donating €438 to Johnstown Tidy Towns

June 27th

School Sunflowers

'Thank You' to Darragh and all the students and staff at Ard Ri NS for growing over 200 sunflowers for our trail.

June 26th

St Martha's Bridge in flower

This year's flower display is again dedicated to providing food for our pollinators.

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June 24th

Gathering the Tribe

Working with Wild About Navan the first community event of 'Gather The Tribe' was held at the Solstice Theatre and attended by those interested in "protecting nature, cultivating connections, sharing local knowledge and building capacity."

The aim of this event was "to empower our community to work better together on local issues."

Join Wild About Navan and do more to improve our wider neighbourhood.

June 23rd

Clean Up Time

I will be starting a new litter Picking Roster in Johnstown next week. Hopefully, with enough people involved, we can get out on a daily basis.

If you would like to get involved please PM the page. 

June 23rd


'Dropped sleeping bags and food to a young couple who have been homeless for more than a week.

Met another man tonight who was sacked from his job and evicted from his home on the same day. I gave him a tent and a sleeping bag. I visited six homeless people in total tonight, sleeping on the streets of Navan.

Thanks to Sharon Lynch for her help tonight and to @smiths_supervalu_navan for the goodies they gave me today for the homeless.'


June 22nd

Sunflower Sapplings

Our Sunflower Grow Team are nurturing the seedlings and we hope to see them planted out by resident groups in the coming weeks.

Sunflower Trail 2023

June 18th

Unwanted Decoration

When graffiti appears it's usually very unsightly and time-consuming to remove. Dunville and its surroundings recently experienced an overload of unwanted scribbles on many walls that have shocked residents.

June 13th

Homeless Solution?

The house purchased at the end of St Martha's Bridge could be a stepping stone to the homeless crisis in County Meath.

A very exciting proposal has been put to Meath County Council ofering the Council the opportunity to be a leader in the provision of homeless services for families in the country.

For every family entering emergency accommodation its a very traumatic experience but for children it must be terrifying.

Last months homeless figures showed 94 children in Meath living in emergency accommodation.

With only one family HUB in the County run by the Fr McVerry Trust its very obvious that with 94 children homeless in the county we are in dire need of extra beds.

But remember this project is not only offering a bed its offering a space where children can leave their homeless trauma behind enjoy four acres of gardens while their parents receive the surround supports they need to help them exit homelessness.

I would urge all our Meath public representatives to get behind this project and to encourage Meath County Council to sign up to the plan and lead the way in family emergency accommodation in the country.

Read About Our Outreach Service

June 9th

Bag Pack

The first Bag Pack since Covid and Feb 2020 we return to Smith's SuperValu to help raise our profile in the community.

More about Fundraising

June 3rd

Presidential Approval

A great welcome organised by Trim Tidy Towns and Meath County Council for the visit of President Higgins to Trim to join in celebrating their overall Super Value Tidy Towns win in 2022.

Alan Lawes and Peter Heylin were delighted to represent Johnstown Tidy Towns at the fabulous event.

June 3rd


Thanks to Amanda Geraghty & Graham Gerathy, and Athboy's People Who Care and Share Group for preparing all the food hampers today.

They will be delivered today and tomorrow by @johnstowntidytowns1 volunteers Navan and the surrounding areas.

Thanks also to @smiths_supervalu_navan for supporting our outreach service with tasty goodies for the homeless.

June 1st


Smith's SuperValu return to help raise our profile in the community by fundraising at the till payment Thursday 1st June – Monday 5th June (Bank Holiday) 

More about Fundraising


May 30th

Johnstown Wood.

As No Mow May comes to an end we've been out taking a look at different areas to see if mother nature has surprised us.

See What Grew at Johnstown Wood

May 27th

'No Mow May' or 'No €ash to Cut'?

An interesting post on Navan South 27/5 expressed a few social concerns together with some misconceptions about long grass. 

Here we highlight just a few of the points with our explanations: 

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May 25th

Not Everything Goes To Plan

A misunderstanding on the scale of our project has resulted in our Metges Rd Summer Meadow being turned into a narrow verge.

Despite 500sqm of yellow rattle seeds appearing and coming into flower we'll need to reseed in autumn to get nature's lawnmower to take hold.

View Project

1m wide in May 2023
10m wide in June 2022
May 25th

Gathering The Tribe

We are gathering people together who are interested in cultivating connections, sharing local knowledge, protecting nature, and building capacity, to empower our community to work better together on local issues.

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May 25th

Tidy Towns 2022-23 Competition Entry

12mths of our work has been entered into this year's competition and you can see a summary of what we've done.

View Entry

May 18th

Yellow Rattle

Lovely to see that our autumn sowing of 'Nature's Lawnmower' is starting to flower in the summer meadow bank of Spireview Lawn.

'Yellow Rattle' is a semi-parasitic plant that attaches itself to the roots of grasses to reduce its vitality and make space for native wildflowers.

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May 13th

Germination Team

Volunteers quickly came forwards to help germinate sunflower seeds on mass. Each has a compost bag with 40 seeds to care for and between the dozen resident volunteer growers we hope to have over 1,000 plants to add to our 2023 Sunflower Trail.

Pictured is an ingenious bird and pet defense barrier plus an eagle eye to keep the slugs away.

May 12th

Bothar Sion Weeds

Volunteers continue weeding our Green Km main roads from St Martha's Bridge to the roundabout and halfway to the Johnstown School Campus. Thanks again to MCC for sweeping up and collecting the debris.

May 1st

Cycle Week 2023

Navan Cycling Initiative host an 'Intro to the #BVLCGreenway' cycle, an inclusive family-friendly event for all, taking place on Sunday 14th May, along the new greenway in Navan.


April 27th

Germination Time

Today we distributed compost and seeds to staff and students at St Marys Special School, Ard Ri, and St Stephens Primary Schools. Colaiste Na Mi Secondary School will soon hopefully join them in germinating 800 sunflowers for this year's Johnstown Sunflower Trail.

We'll also soon be asking members of the community to help germinate a further 800 to fill in the gaps between our display sites to make the trail even more exciting.

A very big Thank You to The Grow Shop for providing the compost and our thanks too to Beechmount Garden Centre for obtaining the seeds for us.

April 27th

Weeding Without Chemicals

Having had our funding request for the Foamstream System declined last year, a chemical-free weed removal system, today volunteers resorted to manually cutting off the weed heads. South Metges Road was cleared with the help of MCC who followed us with the road sweeper to collect and remove the debris. 

As part of our Green Km we still have north Metges Rd, Bothar Sion and the School approach road to clear if there are any willing volunteers ready to help. 

Our aim is to make this a monthly event to keep Johnstown herbicide free.

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April 25th

Missed Opportunity Comes Good

We didn't have the available manpower and time to plant our spring bulbs in their intended place last autumn so a temporary home was sought in a spare patch of a volunteer's garden. Here's a preview of what will appear next year on the lawn of the Athlumney Hall bank on Metges Road. The 1,000 bulb mixture includes crocus and hyacinth.

April 24th

No Mow May

Shortly we'll be calling on the community to put away their lawnmowers for May. Play your part in ensuring that biodiversity has a fighting chance this year by letting lawns grow. This will provide food, shelter, and security for so many creatures - and you'll soon have lawn flowers too!

Play your part at home by joining #NoMowMay 

April 19th

More Metges Rd Trees

Half a dozen new native trees provided by MCC were planted by residents to extend the tree line on Metges Road. 

It is hoped that as traffic increases along this road in the coming years that these trees will form a pleasant noise barrier that also benefits pollinators and birds.

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April 15th

Late First Lawn Cut

Delaying the first lawn cut of the year isn't easy when Easter keeps moving around and when many decide to revisit their gardens and children want to play outside. Several estate lawns did however benefit and the display of dandelions turned Johnstown yellow.

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April 11th

Don't Mow Yet

Last year MCC allowed certain verges and roundabouts to grow the grass longer than usual. This is to allow wildflowers to appear and to provide a better habitat for biodiversity. Metges Road has been a flurry of dandelions already and we're about to help improve the presentation by clearing the cyclepath weeds and edging some of the verges. If you can help please get in touch with us.

Play your part at home by joining #NoMowMay 


April 6th

Bike Share Scheme

10 bike parking locations around Navan will be rolled out in June for a 12mth trial. Navan Cycling Initiative has raised concerns that the remaining cycle infrastructure won't commence until 2024. We don't yet know the locations and if any sites are in Johnstown.

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📷 NavanCyclingInitiative

April 1st

Riverside Cleaned

Well done to the Saturday morning volunteers who came from all across Navan to clear up over 20 bin bags from the Ramparts. Organised by our local Wild About Navan team we continue to work with and support environmental groups who go the extra mile to enhance and care for our neighbourhood.

The cans and bottles that had accumulated over the years have now been collected by MCC.


March 31st

Sunflower Trail 2023

Proposed sites are shaping up this year's trail. The new formal Milbrook and Johnstown Wood 'Gap' pedestrian link has opened up a new possibility for our neighbourhood looped route.

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March 26th

Riverside Clean Up

The River Boyne is one of our best local features and the Community is being asked to come together and take part in the 'Big Boyne Clean-up' 11am this Saturday, 1st April. 

Our nearest meeting place will be at the Ramparts and everything you'll need is provided. Please let them know you're coming by registering here: https://forms.gle/wMGXf9V9JTnBweJM8

If you regularly walk the Athlumney Riverside Trail through the IDA woods between Kilcarn and St Martha's Bridges then please do take a litter bin bag with you on your walk and help keep our local riverside area clean.

March 25th

Bridge Clean

Great to see teamwork in action again and making a positive difference in the community.

Many thanks to John Rochfort Property Maintenance for giving up his morning to clean the St Martha's Bridge railings. We don't appreciate how dirty it gets until you see it shine after the pressure washing.

Thank you also to Navan RFC for providing the water.

March 23rd

Old Johnstown Makeover

Cllr. Emer Tóibín informs us that the Town Council Meeting has discussed a proposal for a makeover to Old Johnstown Village if URDF funding comes through.  The Council has bought 1.7 acres that includes the vacant and derelict old stone house opposite Mace and the corner site surrounding it.

The indicative plans show a public plaza area that will form the focal heart of Old Johnstown, a cycle lane, and redevelopment for mixed-use. Conceptual plans show 14 townhouses,8 apartments, and 5 commercial units.

Concerns about levels and speed of traffic have been an issue for some time and will be further addressed at a later date.

March 15th

Seeds of Change

We're looking forward to seeing what students and staff at Colaiste na Mi Secondary School create to support our local pollinators. We've provided some native seeds and a selection of plants. 

March 11th

Biodiversity Inspection

As part of our Community Biodiversity Action Plan we engaged ecologist Fintan Damer to create a baseline. We're not short of potential study areas such as the River Boyne, wooded, grassed, and even wild pocket areas within estates. Our aim is to develop a series of positive biodiversity actions that members of our community can implement and develop in the coming years. 

We've already started recording our projects, we need to record our native wildflowers, and continue mapping our trees, we need to record our visiting garden wild birds, and later this spring after dusk you might get a chance to see some of our local bats. 

📷Adaptation of Meath Photography 

March 10th

More Tree Planting

Thank you to Meath County Council for providing 30 native species trees for us to plant in Johnstown during National Tree Week. Perhaps we'll extend last year's planting along Metges Road. You can help us to record what trees are in your street! See our website for more information. 

National Tree Week is 19th-26th March. Find out more visit https://www.treecouncil.ie/

March 5th

Dalgan Park Biodiversity

Three members were invited to attend a private biodiversity tour of Dalgan Park hosted by members of Wild About Navan. We gained a new insight into the native mosses, lichen, wildflowers, trees, animals, and birds by following the trail that will be familiar to many.

Keep an eye on their social media pages to see if you can join them for future tours.



March 1st

Winning Seminar

Hosted by MCC at the Trim Castle Hotel TrimTidy Towns, winners in 2022, presented a seminar and tour of their 'Tidier Town'.

March 1st

New Gap

It's been a long time coming and no one was sure whether or not the wall would be filled in again! 

Work has been underway by MCC for a few days to ensure that the old 'Gap in the Wall' is to become permanently fully accessible.

We're now hoping that our Sunflower Trail 2023 can include this route.

March 1st

Community Fund

We’re included in the current round of the Tesco Ireland Community Fund in Navan. If you’re shopping in this store over the next few weeks, we’d really appreciate if you’d vote for us using your blue token.

Thank you 


February 28th

Green Clear Up

Tree branching locally has taken place during winter and the collection amassed a large pile of debris for MCC to collect from the JPP.

Overhanging low branches posed a hazard to pedestrians and cyclists along the Priory, Boyne, and Athlumney Hall estates and these were clipped back.

MCC contractors removed more substantial low branch pruning in estates previously 'taken in charge' such as Bailis Downs and Athlumney Wood in January.

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February 27th

Young Scientists

The 'Most Innovative Idea' prize at this year's Intel Mini-Scientist competition has been won by two 6th class students from St Stephen's NS. Their project entitled 'One Step Ahead' focused on creating renewable electricity from everyday tasks.

📷 Read More In The Meath Chronicle
February 18th

Food Deliveries

Out delivering food hampers with volunteers from Johnstown Tidy Towns this morning. 

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February 14th

Donated Tree Planting

A cherry tree was given to us by a resident in the Orchard Estate and 2 ash trees found growing in a nearby garden lawn are replanted in the Boyne Estate lawn along Metges Road. 

If you have unwanted plants or even trees please let us know.

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February 1st

Holly Tree Planting

Donated by MCC last year they were grown on in pots for another year to give them a head start. Now planted along the lawn next to the boulders in Johnstown Wood they should help deter a motorist from attempting to cross the green again.

February 1st

Kilcarn Woods Update

Near the Metges Rd and Old Johnstown Village junction the 50 new homes are looking close to completiion.

Planning details available via Planning Ref NA151352

February 1st

Navan's Heritage

We've teamed up with Wild About Navan to collaborate in a 5-week Heritage Keepers workshop with The Heritage Council and Burrenbeo Trust. 

We're hoping to create a project in April that celebrates something about Navan. 


January 24th

Bridge Graffiti

Disappointing to see graffiti sprayed anywhere near Old Kilcarn Bridge. As Navan's 2nd oldest bridge the orange paint doesn't add anything positive. Fortunately it's only on the tarmac and this paint will eventually weather and fade.

Please report graffiti asap.

January 20th

Hedge Trim

Often filled with litter the hedge trim at the Beech Estate, Johnstown Wood, outside the Johnstown School Campus has dramatically opened up the area. Local residents hope that it will deter late-night gatherings by youths.

January 20th

Tree Stakes

3 of the fruit tree stakes in Bailis Downs needed replacing after less than 12mths. 

January 19th

Johnstown Set To Create A Biodiversity Action Plan

Fantastic news! We're delighted to announce that The Community Foundation For Ireland is providing us with a €5,000 grant to create a Community Biodiversity Action Plan for Johnstown.

JTT has come a long way in recent years with our actions promoting and supporting pollinators within Johnstown. This grant will enable us to go much further by working alongside qualified ecologists to identify what biodiversity Johnstown currently has and the actions that we can undertake to support wildlife within our neighbourhood.

We are currently seeking volunteers from local residents, businesses, clubs, and schools to participate in this project. If you're interested in finding out more message us or email JohnstownTidyTowns@Gmail.com.

January 14th

Volunteer Drivers Needed

Volunteers continue to deliver Food Hampers to local families in need every Saturday morning.

You can help by getting in touch with Alan Lawes 0851757216

January 13th

Drain Clearance

The view from Metges road doesn't show the amount of tree and scrub clearance carried out via MCC. The woodland area next to Bailis Village and seen here from within the IDA might appear severe but the volume of water now in the ditch emphasises the need to keep the water flowing.

January 13th

Stop Dumping

In December Meath County Council inquired as to the origin of significant hedge and grass clippings dumped on the side of Metges Road opposite The Priory estate. It was identified as being household waste illegally dumped. 

During works to clear the drainage channels the waste was removed and 2 'No Dumping' signs erected.

January 13th

Johnstown's Fruit Orchards Expand

Wild About Navan have engaged another Johnstown estate to join the Navan Dispersed Urban Orchard.

Residents will plant 6 new trees in the next few weeks and increases the number of fruit trees in public space to 18.

More about the project here www.wildaboutnavan.ie/wildaboutdispersedorchards 

January 7th

Johnstown Facilities?

The Meath Chronicle report, Jan 7th, on the Navan Municipal District Council Meeting where it was revealed that over 4 acres of land at the Dunville estate is finally being released to the Council.

After 20 years of asking will Johnstown gain a community building this year?

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