End of Road

Summer Meadow Initiated 2020

Well done to local residents for allowing Mother Nature to provide food and shelter to insects and wildlife in the 'end of the road' space. At first glance, the 250sqm site dividing the Johnstown Wood and Dunville estates may look unloved but it plays an important role in supporting biodiversity. 

Alongside short-cut lawns this area grows tall with natural wildflowers and you can see that it works by watching butterflies flitting among the tall nettles, birds sweeping in from the trees to catch insects, and bees still busy collecting nectar.

Help will be needed in late Autumn to support the local residents cut back and clear some of it ready for new growth next spring. In the future we'd like to help improve the site for pollinators by adding fruit-bearing bushes and trees.

2022 Review

The following photos from late April 2022 show that we need to re-erect our Biodiversity sign in such a way that it can't easily be removed. 

The grass lawn is neatly mowed around the edge but we suggest that the site is increased in size. 

The area was not fully cut back and cleared in order to dissuade youths from climbing the walls and using it as a shortcut.

We were horrified to discover that two mature trees had been vandalised with their branches completely removed without consultation or permission from residents.

Our intention this year is to record what species we can find. We have already identified thistles, nettles, dandelions, and cow parsley which are all great for pollinators.

Plan for 2023

We will include this area in our Biodiversity Plan 2023 and await feedback before proceeding with any actions.

We will remove the stone chippings that didn't work as an edge for the tarmac road, and also we'll help remove the roadside weeds in this area to better present the site.

2023 Review

May 25th Images

Site Plants

May 25th, We conducted a survey of flowers amongst the long grass.

Silver Birch

Rowan Tree



Further Information on summer meadows can be found here https://biodiversityireland.ie/practical-advice-on-managing-wildflower-meadows/ 

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