2. Streetscape & Public Places

We don't have much in the form of historical significance but every structure and public space needs upkeep.

Competition Guide Notes:

BUILDINGS: Conservation and presentation of heritage buildings and quality of shopfronts will be considered, taking account of the design, sustainability, accessibility, usability and suitability of new structures or civic amenity buildings for all people, regardless of age, size, ability or disability. Please highlight the efforts made to address derelict sites and unoccupied buildings even if unsuccessful. 

PUBLIC SPACES: Consideration will be given to; squares, parks, streetscape, paving, landscaping and street furniture mindful of sustainability and access for all. Condition of street lighting, building facade lighting, appropriately designed signage and wayfinding relating to streets and place nameplates. Attention will be given to the presentation of parking locations, historical trails, walkways and access points to local amenities or facilities and the general use of the Irish language. 

2023-24 Summary

(M) Pride of Place Awards

Our volunteers are praised and receive the Navan Municipal District Large Town Award 2023.

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October 12th

(M) Plastic Waste Avoided?

Local Councillor Elections are expected June 7th and in 2019 and 2020 we successfully prevented the streetscape being littered with political plastic posters. 

We have asked all potential candidates not to erect street posters along Johnstown's Green Km. This looks like a challenging year with dozens of posters erected on the night of May 7th despite our request. 

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May 7th

(N) Johnstown School Campus Map Ref 20

Works continue with the completion of building shells at Colaiste Na Mi Secondary School and the new buildings for St Mary's Special School (currently in Old Johnstown Village). 

September 23rd, 2023Photo Meath Photography
September 11th, 2022Photo Meath Photography

(N) Apartments Replace Athlumney Centre Map Ref 12

Within one year the change has been significant, the derelict and rundown shopping centre was demolished in May 2022 and new modern apartments were created and fully occupied in late 2023 early 2024. These have significantly improved the welcoming image of Johnstown.

May 2022, Demolishing works begin.
May 30th, 2023

(P) Johnstown Facilities?

We're still waiting for positive news.

The Meath Chronicle report, Jan 7th, on the Navan Municipal District Council Meeting where it was revealed that over 4 acres of land at the Dunville estate is finally being released to the Council.

After 20 years of asking will Johnstown gain a community building this year?

Meath Chronicle Article, January 7th

(P) Shopping Centre Landscaping Map Ref 37


We still aim to push for this item but have not progressed it since the 'cost of living' crisis continues. We have made progress assisting the centre with a carpark clean-up event and intend to propose 'improvements' especially since Smith's SuperVlu won the store of the year award 2023 and going the extra mile might now be in their interest.


Bouncing from a health emergency to the 'cost of living' crisis we are awaiting a more suitable time to propose an enhancement to the car park and verge areas of the Johnstown Shopping Centre. A proposal has been drafted to discuss hosting low-level advertising planters that would be sponsored by each of the shops. These would contain water reservoirs and be from reclaimed or recycled material and host seasonal planting with a bias for biodiversity, low maintenance, and sustainability.

Johnstown really needs some form of public seating despite concerns for youth gatherings. 

We feel that the car park pedestrian crossing areas are in need of practical barriers whilst the occasional car parks and block pedestrians around the perimeter of the shops. 

The appearance of the waste bins could be enhanced and incorporate new segregation bins in the area.

Could this be the opportunity for Johnstown to have more public seating areas?IMAGE: www.meristemdesign.co.uk

(M) People's Park Map Ref 28

The Park's Management Team has continued to allow Johnstown FC the opportunity to use the park for training their youngest teams and hosting an annual soccer event. Despite being privately owned it remains open to the public however we have made no progress in changing the grass cutting regeme because it requires consent from the 600+ shareholders. Nor can we add planting or seating for the same reasons.

Johnstown People's ParkPhoto Meath Photography

Winter Lights Display Map Ref 36

Volunteers adorned ten tree with LED lights along Metges Road. Illuminated by batteries they added a subtle sparkle to a dark stretch between 4pm and 10pm each evening.

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November 28th to January 2024

St Martha's Bridge Flower Displays Map Ref 1

For the first time we hosted both Summer and Winter flower display at St Martha's Bridge with both being extremely well received by followers on social media. 

The Summer emphasis was pollininators whilst the over-winter plants added delicate colour during the darker colder months.

Thank you to Navan Garden Centre for the Summer display and Beechmount Garden Centre for creating our first ever autumn display.

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Summer Display

June 26th to November 3rd 2023

Autum, Winter, and Spring Display

November 2023 to June 2024

(M) Green Km

Our Green (4) Km supported biodiversity for the first time with both longer-grown grass verges and pesticide & herbicide-free pavement and curb weed removal.

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 'Don't Mow Yet' May 27th
Students and Council, December 12th

Clear The Clutter Map Ref 39

As part of our MCC Green Km initiative we made a request in 2023 to remove the two 'out of date' and very large National Development Plan signs at the Bothar Sion bus stop. We will repeat the request in 2024.

Signs no longer required? June 7th