Initiated 2018

Staying on top of graffiti prevents it from accumulating, removing it quickly relies on residents reporting it either to us or to the Council.


It didn't take long for most of the electrical boxes in Johnstown to gather 'scribbles' that have meaning to some and are seen as unwanted graffiti to almost everyone else. May 4th saw volunteers blitz their removal.


End of Summer Blitz

In late Sping we completed another purge where the community had identified graffiti.

Dublin Road opposite St Martha's Bridge.

Bothar Sion opposite Athlumeny Abbey estate.

Several street signs had graffiti tags removed.

Although not technically graffiti we also attempted to clean some of the street signs.


We undertook a public survey and employed a local contractor to remove everything. Since this major clean-up we have managed to keep graffiti at bay and have had no significant outbreaks to warrant another blitz.

There are some marks that cannot easily be removed with simple washing and require harsh chemicals. We have obtained 'less harmful wipes' but keep their use to an absolute minimum due to the plastic pollution they cause.

2018 clean up of graffiti.

Sustainable Development Goals

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