8 Approach Roads, Streets & Lanes 

Do we welcome visitors on arrival and do we encourage them to stay? With 5 access points, each is different, and each needs improvement. Can we improve on the appearances of our main attractions: residential areas, the Johnstown Shopping Centre, Old Johnstown Village Shops, The People's Park, the IDA businesses, 3 schools, one church, and the River walk.

Competition Guide Notes:

Appropriate presentation of approach roads, including the roadside verges and their boundary treatment. The appearance of town and village streets, connecting roads, laneways, bridges and cycle lanes. Provision for inclusive access and pedestrian connections. 

2022-23 Summary

(N) New Gap

It's been a long time coming and no one was sure whether or not the wall would be filled in again! Work has been underway by MCC for a few days to ensure that the old 'Gap in the Wall' is to become permanently fully accessible.

Newly opened pedestrian 'Gap', March 1st
February 1st

(N) Kilcarn Woods

Near the Metges Rd and Old Johnstown Village junction the 50 new homes are looking close to completion. Planning details available via Planning Ref NA151352

(P) Cycle Path Extension

Dublin Road connecting Johnstown with Navan could see cycle paths in the near future as part of the Navan Cycle Scheme - Part 8 Notice (Ref P822011).

September 6th